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Free Her ProjectThe Free Her Project seeks to end incarceration of women & girls by building a movement grounded in support, coalition building, solidarity & human rights.

National Council For Incarcerated And Formerly Incarcerated Women And Girls

The National Council is committed to abolishing incarceration for women and girls. As formerly incarcerated women, we believe a prison will never be the place for a woman or girl to heal and advance her life. Prison most often causes further social and economic harm and does not result in an increase in public safety. The prison experience increases trauma in women and, if they are mothers, to the children they are separated from. It deepens poverty in the individual lives of incarcerated people and the overall economic stability of their communities. We believe that the current criminal legal system has failed and needs to be dismantled. We have better solutions. Join us in our work to end incarceration of women and girls.


truth-lwop-2Who is Serving LWOP?

The majority of people serving LWOP in the women’s prisons are survivors of abuse, including intimate partner battering, childhood abuse, sexual violence and trafficking.

90% of people serving LWOP in California women’s prisons were sentenced under the Felony Murder Rule, a legal doctrine in which prosecutors can broaden the scope of who can be charged with murder to include those who didn’t participate in the murder and/or had little involvement in the underlying felony.

90% of people serving LWOP in California women’s prisons were sentenced as “aiders and abettors.” They were not the main actor in the crime and/or were forced to be present when their abuser committed a murder.

The majority of people sentenced to LWOP in California women’s prisons are first-time “offenders,” and had no record prior to being

I’m In


Marching with #LETTHEMGO, #WOJO, #ALLOFUSORNONE #LWOP, and #TIMEDONE. COVID is real, the numbers rising in prisons and jails is factual, and yet the government here in Nevada cannot come to a consensus on letting nonviolent offenders go who have completed most of their time. This proves humanity is not a concern, money is. So we fight!!!

Mission: Inspiring change and dismantling systems.

True Beginnings formed I’m In Activism group to bring people together for causes that promote public safety, end punishment after incarceration, and to dismantle systemic oppression. We rally, we organize, and we educate. We are not alone, we work as a moving force with other like missioned advocates to get create change for the underserved, distribute equality and equity among us all fairly.


Mass Liberation

A decarceration initiative @ Progressive Leadership of Nevada, focused on ending mass incarceration in Nevada and beyond.