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Women Empowering Women

Formerly Incarcerated Person KitWomen Empowering Women (WeW) is essential. We need to uplift each other and give back in order to keep what we have. True Beginnings brings women together to teach and guide navigation through the rough times.

Research shows that trauma is the bottom line of why women usually become incarcerated. It comes in many forms and can show up at various stages of a woman’s life.

Abuse from a loved one or someone close to the family is almost always the case. These traumas manifest in self destructive behaviors, landing us in unhealthy places with a damaged soul. Where there is trauma, there has to be healing.

“I will never forget, when I was 12 years old, I was accused of wanting my mothers husband when I expressed that he was becoming too friendly. Her denial of the situation gave him permission to get closer, become more aggressive, and the disrespect for my mother festered in both of us. It wasn’t the molesting so much that traumatized me, but my mothers lack of protection.”

As women who still struggle with a place in this society, we have to learn how the fundamentals of team work, camaraderie, and what support looks like from others who have been where we have, can not only change our image, but aid in a dynamic comeback.

True Beginnings WeW group will help you look at things from a positive perspective and provide tools that will give you self awareness around finding the right job that is good for you. Having patience and understanding what is required of you is essential to moving forward. We talk about utilizing community resources and contract comprehension so you come out ahead and understand your rights.

WeW also helps in dealing with in the home stressers such as feeding the family. Feeding a family on a budget is taxing, find True Taste recipes are provided for your enjoyment, they are inexpensive and don’t take all day to fix. These recipes are designed to heal your family; health and wellness are just as important as paying the rent.

WeW understands what women are looking for and want to be there through the transition into your new found life. We respect you and the needs of your family. 

LADIES Network


Build yourself a support network. Do not be afraid to get out and meet people. You are not the only one. WeW is a great team of women who you can count on for resource information and a shoulder when you need it.

womens group  Employment Tips

Employment Tips

Employers do not broadcast that they will hire ex-offenders.  There are policy and procedures in place to wein out the type of employee they do not want to hire.  True Beginnings can help you find the employer right for you but more importantly, we will help you find the employer you want to work for.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Don’t just sign the contract without understanding what your rights are, what is offered or guaranteed. Too many times the fine print can cause added stressers that could have been avoided had we known our rights. Life Skills is not just cooking and cleaning, lets start living our best life by first understanding what that looks like it.

michelle obama Q&A

Q & A

Ask us the questions you need the answers to. Google can give you what has been uploaded, but WeW will give you information from research and true life experience to help you make it through when you just can’t figure it out on your own.

Client Policies 


I understand there is a rent fee of 30% of income up to $500.00 if employed.

I understand there is a 30-day blackout period while residing at Divinity House. (All new residents adhere to a 6pm curfew and will be on a Buddy System when leaving the house).

I understand there is a 9pm curfew Sunday through Thursday. Curfew is 10pm on Friday & Saturday after 30 blackout period.

I understand there will be no overnight visits away from Divinity House until completion of 60 day evaluation period.

I understand that after each overnight visit a drug test will be administered immediately upon entry back into the home.

I understand, no incoming or outgoing calls after 10:00pm, and that television hours are from 10am to 10pm.

I understand there will be daily room checks and all personal items must be stored and put away, all beds made, and room clean.

I understand that violence will not be tolerated at Divinity House and that my stay will be terminated, and the police notified if any violence or threats of violence should occur by me.

I will not take ANY alcohol or drugs unless prescribed to me by a doctor while residing at Divinity House. (Breaking this rule is automatic referral to drug treatment and loss of bed).

I understand that friend visits after 30 day black out period are limited to 2 hour visits once per week and a 48 hour notice must be given in advance.

I understand that family visits (children) are limited to 2 hour visits once a month, weekends only and a 48 hour notice must be given in advance. (No children are to visit during the visits of other children unless there is a Divinity House event).

I understand that family visits (children) must adhere to any open case rules.

I understand that children are allowed to spend the night after 30 day black out period if in line with open DCFS case and can only take place on Friday & Saturday nights. (All children must be gone by 12 noon on Sunday)

I understand I must abide by all laws and be in compliance with probation/parole conditions while residing here.

I understand that my stay will be terminated for stealing at Divinity House.




I understand there is no lending or borrowing of money or personal property between residents or staff.

I understand there are to be on INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS between residents or staff.

I understand there is no smoking or drinking or eating in the bedrooms or living areas. Smoking is only permitted in the backyard. I understand the there is no hanging out in the front yard.

I understand Divinity House is not responsible for transportation to appointments or meetings but will assist if possible.

I will always be respectful and considerate of ALL other residents and staff.

I agree to be out of bed and dressed by 8:00am and to participate in daily morning meditation.

I agree to participate in daily house chores assigned to me each morning and in weekly kitchen duties.

I agree to participate in calendar self-help meetings according to Divinity House monthly calendar schedule.

I agree to attend at least 2 12 step meetings per week.

I agree to random drug testing. If I refuse to test, it will be considered positive and my stay will be terminated.

I understand I must give one week written notice of my intent to move.

I understand I have 48 hours to pick up all property after leaving Divinity House. If my items have not been removed after the 48 hour dead line, they will be donated to charity.

I understand there are no pets allowed in the home, also no feeding of community animals such as any stray whatsoever.

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“I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say — I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.” 

-Harriet Tubman