Across our nation people in prison are waiting to be released but do not have a home to return to. Although there is a parole system (the release of a prisoner temporarily (for a special purpose) or permanently before the completion of a sentence, on the promise of good behavior), individuals are kept past the parole date until their time has expired, preventing them from taking advantage of the necessary re-entry services that could aid in the individual becoming a productive citizen.

Parole is in place to point the individual in the direction of assistance with adjusting back into society. However, once the sentence has expired, the state has no more obligation to the individual, thus releasing them to the street, homelessness, negative environments not conducive to remaining crime free.

The prison system was founded on the premise of keeping slavery alive after the emancipation act in 1865. Many laws today support the continuation of such practices, allowing states and cities to profit from the incarceration of low-income individuals and their labor.

True Beginnings maintains that the state has attached such fees and requirements to allow the state to continue collecting money from the Federal government which can be anywhere between $20K and $40K per year.

The Department of Corrections in various states such as California, New York, Virginia, and Nevada will not release an individual to non-licensed homes viewed as Transitional Living Facilities, if even to lessen the number of individuals incarcerated during the pandemic or overcrowding.

The state requires each facility to undergo an inspection and pay a fee that goes directly to the state. The fees alone are exorbitant, costing organizations, regardless of size or budget, in excess of $3990 plus $176 per bed as a start up then yearly half of that cost. Each facility is required to pass a fire marshal inspection which will require sprinklers in the rooms, costing the organization another $5K or more. When the individual is released to a family, these requirements do not exist.