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Mentors are Very important to  DIVINITY HOUSE.

True Beginnings values positive outside influence. As we work diligently to assist in the healing of formerly incarcerated women, we also work to build unity among us. The sisterhood is important.

As a formerly incarcerated woman, I felt for many years that no matter where I went, no matter who I was around, I didn’t quite fit in, I had a “scarlet letter” hovering over me and I would never have a normal life that would encompass great things, a sense of normalcy. It wasn’t until I began to attend women’s empowerment events, surround myself with women who had never experienced the things I had suffered through, that I began to understand it was me holding on and separating myself.

I found there are plenty women who are compassionate and even more who are willing to embrace us, hold us up in our time of healing. True Beginnings implores women from all walks of life to join our mentor program, befriend a woman that is in crisis, and be NORMAL with her, she needs you, our community need you.

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It is not our duty to judge, but rather lift the fallen and embrace those who need us.

True Beginnings works within the community, providing hygiene, education, and services to those who need it by way of homeless resource fairs, yard sales, fundraising, community events, and holiday giving.

We are always looking for individuals who can and will participate, there is always something to do. We believe that if we come together, we, as a team can change the world.

We Welcome You!

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Become a member of the IMIN campaign and help us change the world. We are always looking for those who have a desire to create change, those who love their community and understand the shortcomings of our society. We need researchers, we need advocates, door knockers, and bloggers to build the buzz.

 If you are formerly incarcerated and looking to expand your leadership skills, join our FIP Kit workshops, they will allow you to find and fulfill your Divine Purpose from always finding the job you will be happy with to leading the life you have always wanted. Positivity is our focus. Become a member and you will learn to master the art of loving self through the process and sharing it with other.